Narayana Guru was born in the year 20th of August 1854 at Chempazhanthy, Vayalvaram house in the Capital city of Trivandrum. He was born in the birth star Chathayam, third day of Onam festival. Chempazhanthy was blessed with the birth of Guru, it was a small beautiful village about fourteen kilometres from Trivandrum, Capital city of Kerala. Chempazhanthy and Vayalvaram was developed as a big pilgrimage centre in Kerala, thousands of devotees are visiting every year.

Narayana Guru’s father was Kochuvilayil Madan Asaan as a farmer and he was a teacher by profession, conducting kudippallikudam* (Asaan means Teacher) he was a Sanskrit scholar, and commendable knowledge in astrology and Ayurveda and his mother was Kuttiymma, She was quiet and religious natured, always with prayers and poojas. She was the only sister of Krishnan vaidyar, reputed physician in Ayurveda and good knowledge in Sanskrit, Nanoo was the only son of his parents and he has three sisters, they are Kochu, Kochu Thevi and Kochu Matha. Parents call him as Narayanan and pet name as Nanoo.


[* Kudipallikudam same like primary school. In olden days in Kerala “Kudipallikudam” system where the one and only teacher called “Asaan” was solely in charge of imparting education.]

It was said that at the time of birth, not like other children Narayanan did not cry.  Family members and relatives are wondered to watch Nanoo’s deep devotion of God when he was a small kid. At the time brutal cast system “Chathurvarnyam”* people can’t touch or go to the visibility of higher class people, while Avarna people must hide or give way to Savarna community people.

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