Teachers of Gurudevan
At the age of five, Nanoo was sent to Kannankara family the famous kudippallikudam belongs to Chembakasserri pillai conducted by Mootha Pillai, great scholar in Sanskrit and astrology and a village officer , he belongs the family of Ettuveettil pillai’s (historic military gang of Venad Kingdom) He find out the extra ordinary powers of the great Nanoo, he was a dedicated, studious and quick learner, the master predicted he become world famous. From the school young Nanoo learned Sanskrit as well as Malayalam. In later years, he had acquired a commending proficiency in Tamil, and his philosophical transactions and writings were essentially in these three languages. He also learned Balaprabodhanam, Siddarupam & Amarakosham.
Krishnan Vaidyar
He learned Ayurveda from his uncle Krishnan Vaidyar.Krishnan Vaidyar was a famous physician, within 14 years Gurudevan learned Ayurveda, 

Kummanpalli Ramanpillai Asan
At that time great Sanscrit Scholar Kummanpalli Ramanpillaiasan was running a teaching center in Puthuppally, Central Travancore very near to Varanappalli Family. Kummanpallil Family house was situated near the Puthiyakavu temple, south of Kayamkulam town. Nanoo joined with Ramanpillai Asan and learned Sanscrit. Within a short period Nanoo prominent among the co-students, Asan loved Nanoo’s dedication and wondering the level of knowledge, Nanoo become the favorite student of Asan. Varanappalli Kochukrishna panickar was a great lover of literature and he allowed students stay free of cost and arrange all facilities to students to learn Sanskrit. At that time Nanoo re-wrote the story of Gajendramoksham in the form of Ammanappattu that was the Nanoo’s first main literacy effort. Kumaraasan’s uncompleted biography of Sree Narayana Guru stated that within two years ‘Swamy’ had earned proficiency in Kavya, Nataka, Alankaram etc.
Guru devan discontinued his studies because he was badly affected ulcer and returned to home

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Thycad Ayya Swamikal
Thycad Ayya Swamikal was yogic Guru of Sree Narayana Guru. Ayya Swamikal was born in Chembalpetta District in Tamilnadu State. His name was Subbaraya Panickar and nick named as ‘Ayyavu’
He was a great devotee of Lord Subrahmanya, from him Guru learned ‘Balasubrahmanya manthram’. Ayya Swamikal was working as a Superintendent of  the British Residency in Travancore after the official time he was conducting yoga classes. Chattampi Swamikal was one of the famous disciples of Ayya Swamikal.
Chattampi Swamikal brought Guru to Ayya Swamikal, both are great friends after the completion of Yoga studies both of them are wandering most of the places in Central Travancore . Chattampi Swamikal took the name as Shanmukadasan (Servant of Shanmuka) and Nanoo as Shanmukabhaktha (Devotee of Shanmuka).