Guru’s Vision of SNDP YOGAM

“Guru’s Vision about the community as global community of the human family.”

SNDP Yogam Formed on 15th May 1903.
First President: Sree Narayana Guru.
First General Secretary: Kumaran Asan
Type: Joint Stock Company

The First Social Organization in Kerala was formed with the intention of uplift the socially backward classes, propagates and promotes the moral teachings and Dharma of Gurudevan.

Guru was the Founder president of SNDP YOGAM and Mahakavi Sri. Kumaranasan was the first General Secretary. Sree Narayana Darma Paripalana Yogam was formed on 15th May 1903 under Travancore Regulation 1 of 1063 (Indian Companies Act IV 1882)


SNDP Yogam was formed with the guidance of Guru and materials powered by Dr. Palpu (great devotee of Gurudevan). Kumaranasan and Dr. Palpu convened a meeting in Kamalalayam Bunglow,in Trivandrum prominent leaders in various parts of Kerala attended the meeting ,was presided by Gurudevan. This meeting was transformed to the Varoothu Sangham of Aruvippuram into SNDP Yogam.

SNDP Yogam proves the Guru’s Golden words “Become enlightened, through Education and Strength through Organization”. SNDP Yogam powered the unorganized and uncivilized back ward classes and enlightened the power of education, organizational strength, and unity and lives like a human being.

SNDP YOGAM and its leader’s restless efforts will result to attain the basic rights of the ordinary people for social reformation and economic improvement. Dog can walk on the street but backward class cant the orthodox people fix the rules and regulations how to stand, how to walk where to walk and how to wear dress. The ruling people are always tried to suppress the feelings of the backward classes.

Now we are enjoying the benefits of the ancestor’s greatest efforts and brave fights but we are unaware about the past and the historians trying to hide the history and organizational strength for political advantages and social injustice. My great salute to the exact freedom fighters for the community and for the social and economic development of the country as well as state to make Kerala “Gods own country”.

Guru’s Vision of SNDP YOGAM

Guru’s Vision about the community as global community of the human family but followers has not such wide vision. That disappoints Guru and sent his resignation letter to Dr. Palpu in 1916