Sivagiri Pilgrimage [Sivagiri Thirthadanam]

  1. Guru Devan Sanctioned in 1928
  2. First pilgrimage took place only in 1935 [Dec-January]

In 18th January 1928, Guru was resting in an easy chair under a mango tree at Nagampadam Union Compound, Kottayam District.  At that time Vallabhasserry Govindan Vaidyar and T.K Kittan Writer jointly requested to Guru about Sivagiri Pilgrimage. Vaidyar advanced that all the higher class and others had their own pilgrim centers and ‘Avarnas’ had nowhere to go.  Guru gave his consent and fixed a date of first January of every year.

Message of Pilgrimage and Requirements

Gurudevan said that all pilgrims must wear yellow color cloths and ten days of strictness (Ordinary white clothes dripped in to turmeric water), Peoples will not be spent too much money for their expenditure and adopt Pancha sudhi (Purity in body, food, mind, word and deed)
And the intention or goal of thirthadanam is to hear a chain of speeches of well Scholars of different fields and put them in to their practical life.